• A Shirkah investor must have the capacity to invest a minimum of USD 500 per investment round
  • Must be willing to take the investment risk
  • Must have time to attend investor meetings
  • Must have halal means of earning his/her income


  • Joining is free
  • Trainings are charged
  • Investor pays all legal and regulatory fees relevant to the transaction


  • This is not an investment fund or a mutual fund, investors will not put their money into a pool, each investor will invest individually or with others as a group directly to the opportunity
  • This network operates with a loose structure, as a platform to share knowledge, investment opportunities, and support members in making informed investment opportunities presented to them .
  • However, the plan is to convert the network into an investment fund, once other processes are completed


  • Access to pre-screened investment opportunities
  • Discount to investment trainings
  • Access to investment expertise
  • Discounts for investment events
  • Access to investor networking events
  • Access to investment research reports